Scott's Column
Scott's ColumnComputer Upgrades
Scott upgrades his computer with more memory and an SSD.


Car Corner
Car CornerHow I Got Into Cars (The Magazines)
Scott tells how he first got into cars... back in 1980. Hint: it has to do with magazines.

Classic Car Watch
Goodguys Lone Star Nationals Car Corral
Scott visits the Goodguys Lone Star Nationals and looks at what is available for sale. What would he buy if he had the money on hand, and what should everyone avoid.

Scott's Photography
Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program
Scott takes a quick look at Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program. Is it worth it? And if it is... are there still concerns. You should read this if you are thinking about this program yourself.

Scott's Slot Cars (not being updated)
Best Digital Slot Car Brand Based on Features
If you are still on the fence which brand to get this is a must read. Part two in this series looks at the features, pros & cons of each brand to decide which is best... for me... and for you.

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