Scott's Column
Scott's Column2017 Photography Wrap Up
Scott reviews his photography business for 2017, and takes a look what 2018 has in store. Want to know how much (or little) he made. Click to get the exact amount... to the penny. 

Car Corner
Car CornerCars To Look At in 2018
Scott starts thinking seriously about the car (or cars) he would like to buy in 2018. See what modern or classics are piquing his interest at the moment.

Classic Car Watch
Currently on my Radar for Classic Cars
Scott shows you his top 10 cars on his radar for a possible classic. This should give you an idea what he will go shopping for in the Spring of 2018... assuming he gets a classic and not a daily driver. Maybe he can do both.


Welcome! This is Scott's little corner of the World Wide Web. This site is mainly a place for me to rant about topics. Come here to read about computers, cars, photography and miscellaneous stuff. You can expect to find my strong opinions on whatever topic currently interests me. I do this through three semi-regular columns. 

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