Scott's Column
Scott's ColumnThe Future, Server Migration Almost Complete, Photography Business Summar
Scott's gets all the servers into production... with very little issues remaining. He also sums up the financial results of his first year as a photographer. Finally he contemplates what will happen to this site.

Car Corner
Car CornerCars for Photography - Part I: Initial Prospects
Scott is on an all new search for a car. And he wants one that makes good eye candy, to be a photography model.

Classic Car Watch
Before & After - Mecum Auction, Austin TX (Dec 2014)
Another before & after car auction. Off to Austin, TX for a Mecum Auction. I learned of this only two weeks before the event, so this one will be less detailed than my usual before & after auction coverage.


Scott's Photography (not being updated)
Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program
Scott takes a quick look at Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program. Is it worth it? And if it is... are there still concerns. You should read this if you are thinking about this program yourself.

Scott's Slot Cars (not being updated)
Best Digital Slot Car Brand Based on Features
If you are still on the fence which brand to get this is a must read. Part two in this series looks at the features, pros & cons of each brand to decide which is best... for me... and for you.

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