Scott's Column
Scott's Column2017 Photography Wrap Up
Scott reviews his photography business for 2017, and takes a look what 2018 has in store. Want to know how much (or little) he made. Click to get the exact amount... to the penny. 

Car Corner
Car CornerHow Many Cars Do We Need?
Scott takes a deep dive into how many cars we need... as a nation. Click for some interesting math on how few cars a really needed if was want to maximize efficiency and have as few cars as are really needed.

Classic Car Watch
Classic Convertibles
Next year Scott wants to get a convertible. What classic convertibles does he see that interest him. 

Project Camaro
Initial Suspension Upgrade
Time to tackle the suspension on the Camaro. Check out the cost effective plan I have. It should provide a lot of bang for the buck. 

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